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At VGP 1810, sustainability is at the heart of our island resort. We are dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of our surroundings through comprehensive initiatives. From renewable energy sources to waste reduction strategies, we minimize our environmental impact. Our water management practices and local sourcing prioritize efficiency and support for the community. We also engage in marine conservation efforts, offering educational programs and eco-tours. Join us at VGP 1810 for a luxurious and eco-friendly experience, ensuring a greener future.

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VGP 1810 respects and promotes the heritage, culture, traditions and distinctive features of its communities

Protect the Cultural heritage of the site and the country

Preserving the local village culture

Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of local communities

Supporting the Local Economy

  • Creating a craft market in the village where local people can display and sell their products

  • Encouraging our residents to buy and eat in the local village, which provides its inhabitants with job opportunities and supports our neighbours

  • Giving particular attention to the employment and empowerment of local people by increasing the number and quality of local jobs

  • Investing in employee development and training so that they can enjoy career progression and contribute more to the community

  • Buying as much as possible from local artisans, for example by ordering furniture and equipment made in Mauritius

  • Helping nearby communities and supporting a social project in the area

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Protecting the environment

  • Adopting practices that respect the environment on the principle of reduce, re-use and recycle

  • Protecting mangroves and restoring the seabed in association with an NGO

  • Raising environmental awareness amongst colleagues, suppliers, guests and local and foreign business partners

  • Not using single-use plastic within the village

  • Buying most foodstuff locally – our organic vegetable garden will also supply our village restaurants

  • Creating a composting area

  • Minimising pollution, reducing waste and avoiding environmental damage

Reducing our consumption of water and power

  • Toilet systems with low water consumption

  • Use of recycled water from its treatment plant for all irrigation

  • LED lighting with lower electricity consumption and longer lifespans

  • Energy-efficient equipment

  • Solar water panels to supply the restaurants with hot water

  • Use of reflective paint to limit heat penetration within buildings


Supporting our Children

 VGP 1810 seeks to improve access to education so that children can have a better future, allowing each of our members to have the privilege of sponsoring a child to this end, VGP 1810 has given an undertaking to donate 2% of each subscription to a disadvantaged child so that he or she can have a better education. The money will be used to support them during the primary cycle, with the purchase of school materials.

Support Local

While VGP 1810 brings fresh life to the Southeast’s past, the village also aims to include local inhabitants in the project by involving craftsmen, fishermen and traders in the life of VGP 1810.

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