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True Experiences

After a good night’s sleep, thanks to the gentle sounds of the waves, and a hearty breakfast in the restaurant or brought to you room, you may well want to set out to discover one of the island’s most beautiful lagoons. In that case, there’s nothing to rival a trip, by pirogue for short trips, in the direction of the neighbouring islets: Ile aux Aigrettes and its nature reserve; Ile de la Passe where there are the remains of French fortifications; Fouquet Island, a listed site; Ilot Mariannes, a nature reserve with a superb sand bank; and the famous Ile aux Cerfs. Youngsters will particularly enjoy the Surcouf, a water taxi with on-board activities.


An exceptional museum designed by Barker Langham, one of the world’s leading cultural consultancies

Village Life in a historical setting

A sensitive and considered archaeology and architecture trail exists across the resort and surrounding area, allowing visitors to engage with contextual history in their own time and way - bringing sites to life across the island.

Archaeological Marvels

In collaboration with the National Heritage Fund, several old structures (listed as national heritage sites) will be identified and information boards erected in order to promote them and place them in their historic context.

Kraft Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by taking a leisurely stroll through the stands of talented artisans from neighboring villages. Admire their exquisite hand-crafted items, including intricate basketwork, beautiful musical instruments, and finely detailed model ships. With so much to discover, you'll delight in this unique and authentic shopping experience.


Adventure awaits. Create unforgettable memories with our endless activities."

A wide range of sea-based activities such as kitesurfing, kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, while your children are busy playing Robinson Crusoe in the lagoon on board raffia-palm rafts.

Courses in Mauritian cuisine or demonstrations given by local snack sellers, workshops in craftwork, pottery, music and dance to help you better express your creative feelings.

In VGP 1810’s vegetable garden, you can get some good tips on how to grow fruit and vegetables, which you can then savour in the village's restaurant

Bike rides alongside the splendid southeast coastline or picnic surrounded by nature with the majestic backdrop of Lion Mountain.

Campfire to the rhythm of guitars and djembes, open-air cinema screening, sleeping in tents under the stars.

As for your children, they’ll be fascinated by the village’s mini-farm where they can help look after the animals and even bottle-feed the new born.

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